Revue technique LANCIA

Revue technique Lancia

Revue technique Lancia Y10
Lancia Y10 tous modèles de 1985 à 1991


Revue technique Lancia Zeta
Lancia Zeta - Tous types, moteurs essence et turbo diesel


Revue technique Lancia Thema
Lancia Thema 4 cyl essence, D et TD de 1984 à 1993


Revue technique Lancia Dedra
Lancia Dedra moteur essence et diesel de 1989 à 1992


Revue technique Lancia Phedra diesel
Lancia Phedra diesel à partir de septembre 2002 - Cette revue technique automobile couvre égallement : Fiat Ulysse


Revue technique Lancia Delta & Prisma
Lancia Delta et Prisma essence de 1980 à 1991

Lancia Delta et Prisma essence, 1.3L, 1.5L & 1.6L Carburateur, injection & turbo jusqu'à 1990


Lancia Sporting Coupes de Brian Long
Lancia had built sporting cars from its foundation in 1907, but the first of a long line of distinguished sporting coupés was launched in 1951. The famous and beautiful Aurelia B20 set a trend for fine true GT cars that Lancia would continue into the 1980s. This book collects together the history of all those great cars, from the B20 to the recent Gamma and Kappa, for the first time. Including exhaustive specifications and a wealth of period photographs, this is a book no Lancia enthusiast will want to be without. Brian Long has been closely involved with Lancia cars for more than twenty-eight years. Previously editor of the Lancia Motor Club's magazine for fourteen years, Brian has written numerous articles on Lancia and other Italian marques. Langue : Anglais - Éditeur : Éditeur : Crowood Press


Lancia Stratos Thirty Years Later de Andrea Curami
The Stratos prototype made its debut in 1970 at the Bertone stand of the Turin Motor Show. It immediately raised curiosity and surprise among the visitors, but a half-hearted interest by the Lancia company. One year later, the new Lancia Stratos was finally produced to comply with the needs of the Lancia Racing Team. The car was completely different, although having the same glamour and appeal, it turned out to be perfect to compete in rallies. For 6 consecutive years it became the car to defeat, winning three World Championships (1974, 1975 and 1976). The reader will find the history, the evolution, the competitions as well as the drivers' profiles. Langue : Anglais - Éditeur : Giorgio NADA Editore


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